Mother Teran Inc.

Mother teran is the company which has a patent of NFC payment service,
we always supply user focused service and low priced goods.

Mother Teran is

Making a constant effort to be a smart store which supply new value to customers and small business owners for a new idea and revolution under the slogan 'Connect the all stores in on-line by NFC'.
We'll develop products and software to connect the off-line store to the on-line and make new value and smart stores.

Our goal is

Enhancing profits with lower fees to small business owners and making service which is easily accessible and simple to customers.
The platform which is simple, easy and no longer need to learn, not only for the young but also for the old, is the service we Mother Teran pursue.

The CEO of Mother Teran is

Thinking about which way is easier and more convenient on the consumer side. If it is a little bit complicated, think agian and again until he find a better way. He is doing his best to provide a new service with a innovative idea.

Mother Teran's NFC Patent  EZEN TOUCH

EZEN TOUCH is the platform of Mother Teran based on the patent that can substitute the smart phone for plastic cards.
This is the true electronic wallet which replace the wallet in your pocket.

Brief Info

Without turning on apps, neither barcode nor QR code, with a single touch, it is possible to save or use the points.
Also all the Pays and loyalty cards which already released are available and even micropayment is possible. This is the real revolutionary platform you've never seen.


You don't need any finger print, pattern or password. You don't even need to turn on smart phone app.
Just put your smart phone on the reader and tell the cashier which card you want to choose and check a push message about the result.


Many elders use only the basic functions of smart phone due to it's complexity. But EZEN TOUCH is OK for them. Because it's simple.
Every loyalty cards and credit cards combines together, you don't need to carry any wallet. And the fee is cheaper, that's going to be a great help to small business owners.


Even if you lose your phone, no one can use it cause of the additional security like pattern or finger print. And whenever you touch the reader, the signal is automatically encrypted so that makes higher security level than the plastic cards.

Phone To Phone Pay Service

Your smart phone itself becomes a reader which can handle all the payment process. With this service affiliated stores can use their own smart phone which is pre-registered instead of the expensive readers. So the delivery service or small business stores don't need to buy extra readers.

PTP Service Effect

Without exchanging the expensive reader, the smart phone can be the POS terminal and that will enlarge the small affiliated stores' off-line market. With this service, you may also save some points or stamps and spend them together. So the multi-payments are possible.

NFC reader of Mother Teran

This reader is made by Mother Teran. It supports the micropayment of telecommunication company, app cards, and easy-payment. You can save or use various brands of points and stamps.

What is NFC?

NFC is the abbreviation for Near Field Communication within 10cm, the technology that supports reading and writing through data communication.


The reader has not only NFC but also Beacon but it's 1.5 ~ 3 times cheaper than the existing readers. The sensitivity of the NFC sensor is really good, so when you approach your phone it can sense the user almost 99.9%.

What is Beacon?

Beacon is the communication equipment based on bluetooth. It provides various discount coupons and shopping infomation to users when they approach to the store within 70m.
It may also provide the detailed info of the displayed goods or its location and inventory list for customers.

Beacon service of Mother Teran

Each price of beacon sensor costs $20 ~ 35 but Mother Teran's NFC reader costs only $35 include beacon. Usual beacon sensor supply its power with a battery but Mother Teran's reader uses power supply which can be safer and cheaper. And it transmit the signal every 1 second instead of usual 10 seconds method so that can maximize the marketing effect.

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